For Don’s entire life, he has been consumed by music. He grew up with the influence of his father who was DJ prior to Don’s birth and thereafter working as a radio promoter for RCA Records, A&M Records, MCA Records, and Interscope Records. His father, prominent in the industry, and therefore pulling in an above average income, gave him the ability to treat Don to things other kids in Camden, New Jersey (the poorest city in the Country) couldn’t necessarily afford (game systems, fresh kicks, new clothes, etc.). As we all know, these are all things likely to provoke jealous behavior from fake friends, classmates and even some family members. After a personal attack occurred when his “best friends”, at the time, broke in and robbed his parents home (but only his room), he started to lose confidence and a sense of security around him. Who could he trust if not family nor friends?

Luckily for Don he still had music; he poured his heart into learning the ins and outs with a keyboard/software gifted to him at the age of 9 and a creative mind that was lyrically inclined by the age of 12. With the help of his father who developed Don’s collection of production equipment one birthday after the other, a studio would soon blossom and Don would begin to record artists in the area.

While building a rapport in the area, a life behind the scenes spiraled quickly into a foreseeable future. Producing, and songwriting alongside ultra talented Frankie Storm (writer of Please Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna and coutless other hits) all started to pay and take him places he had never been before. During this period Don enjoyed working for artists like Terror SquadRed Café, Rick Ross, Jim Jones, Cassie, Busta Rhymes, Meek Mill, August Alsina, Wiz Khalifa, Rich Brian, SHINee, Cash Money Records (Ashley Ring, Veronica V, Chris Richardson) etc.  (to name only a few), but as his career in the industry started to slow down due to a less than ideal production deal he took after parting ways with Frankie and the Forecast Corp. Don took a step back by leaving his contract and heading back home to his old stomping grounds. 

Rightfully so Don decided now was time for him to step into the limelight. In the grand scheme of things, he was always the artist, writing for others while he stayed behind the scene. For years in the industry it was clear Don had the talent, but because of his humble demeanor he never felt comfortable selling himself to the powerful people he was constantly around, so in turn he sold others and made a living out it, but something remained missing for him.   

The latest albums/mixtapes are always like a rebirth of the talented artist/producer/engineer/songwriter. It gives insight into him as a person, as Don Michael Jr. Don is starting fresh, raw, and uncut; telling the story and journey that molded him into the artist he is today. By giving fans his full vulnerability through his storytelling along with his high quality sound, Don’s musical efforts are nothing short of a professional masterpieces.